Deborah's Vision for Bluegrass Bride

This Bridal Salon was designed with the ideal woman in mind. A woman’s eloquent beauty is revealed by her soft curves and feminine aura. This is reflected in many elements throughout this space from the Architectural detailing, furniture design, rich fabrics and overall ambience of this space.

The granite entrance flooring, reception counter and fireplace surround are in Volga blue granite from the Ukraine. This has elegant, subtle reflections of blue, which compliment the Bluegrass Bride signature color.

The hardwood floor features a 5" wide, hand scraped, 1/2" thick plank made for commercial and residential use. This has a high-end look but is very durable and easy to maintain.

The Feature Dress Display was custom designed by Deborah to highlight the "Crown jewel" in the salon. This round architectural platform combines the traditional column in a stylized venue. The column design was repeated throughout the space along with the heavy crown molding. All of the trim is painted in a custom finish made to look like a pearl in a fine piece of jewelry.

The main seating area in the Bridal Salon is for guests to relax while Brides are trying on the gown of their dreams. This seating area is accented by a custom area rug with carved wedding band inlays in two corners. The oval back chairs are feminine and mirror the silhouette of a woman’s figure.

The gray paint in this Salon was custom mixed in a shade to specifically compliment and showcase the various and exquisite neutral gown colors at Bluegrass Bride.

The red eyelash drapery fabric sets the tone for the Party Room reflecting the saucy, sensuous side of a woman and the stylish cocktail dresses/formal wear for that very special occasion.

The Public Rest Room features a clean, sleek contemporary curved glass see-thru sink imported from Italy. (Possibly the very first used in Kentucky). A must see!

The entrance door to the owner’s office is a brilliant red. The red sheer drapery fabric is imported from Switzerland. The chairs and drapery are custom designed to look like hand-tailored clothing.

Lighting was methodically selected in multiple layers to meet the necessary requirements for a retail space. Fluorescent was used for overall illumination, track for flexibility, dressing room linear tubes to compliment skin tone and illuminate each article of clothing in its true color and decorative fixtures resembling jewelry, create an elegant look. Warm "color temperature" makes the space very inviting. High CRI (color rendering index) in the fixtures accomplish this.

Plasma TV’s were placed throughout the space to show the latest runway fashions on a continuous loop. This space is handicapped accessible and all fabrics meet commercial requirements.