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Deborah J. Drury - ASID - Interior Design
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Deborah has hundreds of her boat designs on waterways throughout the United States. Deborah's custom nautical designs have been featured nationally and internationally in boating publications. She authored "Interior Time," a monthly column for Houseboat Magazine. Deborah received international recognition in Yachting magazine. She was also featured in From House To Home. Click here to read the full article (reprinted with permission from The Lexington Herald-Leader/From House To HOME). She views each new boat design as a unique challenge and strives to make it better than the last by introducing fresh ideas and new products, such as those seen in her recent boat designs.

  • Design featured in Yachting Magazine
    This luscious boat interior was designed by Deborah for the Miami Boat show and was intended to attract people from around the world. The elegant wood interior serves as a backdrop to showcase Deborah's lavish selections and custom designs ranging from cabinetry, drapery, bedding and furniture to the exterior paint design. Sure to entice many a world traveler. It was last heard that this boat made it to Brasilian waters.

  • Showboat Design
    Natural woods, black with silver accents, unique inlaid cabinetry designs and rich durable fabric selections. Be sure to check out the custom designed Corian inlaid dining table. Sweet!

  • Showboat Design
    This boat was smaller in scale so Deborah selected a light wall color to showcase her unique cabinetry and furniture designs throughout this boat. (Note columns and her round dining table design. DD's personal fav) City chic! This was one of the first Kentucky houseboats to have a fireplace on board too.

  • Exterior Boat Design
    Attention to detail. Deborah designs her boat exteriors to co-ordinate with the interior. See many of her exterior designs here.

  • Interior Boat Design
    This vessel was featured in the Atlanta Boat Show. Deborah designed this boat to reflect the progressive youth of the city of Atlanta. Some refer to this boat as "The Toy Chest." Deborah created/designed what is now known as the famous "Bikini Helm." Labeled this (by a few good men) because it looked like a bikini bottom. This design has been duplicated on hundreds of boats. Fun, colorful geometric shapes are seen throughout from DD's custom cabinet/furniture designs to the drapery, bedding and wall art made out of laminate pieces. The whimsical use of bright colors and design is not for the conservative!


Deborah J. Drury - ASID - Interior Design

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